We Believe

The Comal County Democratic Party Believes…

We have a moral obligation to care for one another:

  • Supporting families
  • Providing education, health care, and jobs that pay a living wage
  • Advocating for a strong community

We must demand high standards at all levels of government:

  • Ethical behavior
  • Transparency
  • Highly qualified public servants
  • Accountability

We can and should provide equal opportunities for all:

  • Equal pay for equal work
  • Equal treatment under the law
  • Excellent, innovative, safe, and effective public schools for every child
  • Affordable education opportunities for adults

We must rebuild our infrastructure as a wise investment in our communities:

  • Safe and available drinking water
  • Well-built roads and bridges with regular repairs
  • Updated and cleaner utilities
  • Expanded access to broadband
  • Create public transit in New Braunfels and surrounding areas