Gun Violence

Governor Abbott, Ted Cruz and other Texas elected officials refuse to do anything to stop gun violence in our state. Governor Abbott wants to get a committee together to identify the problems by early next year. All of them are blaming doors for the problem of school shootings. We know what the problem really is: it’s gun violence, and laughably easy access to high capacity weapons.

Facts about gun ownership in the state of Texas

  • While federal law requires background checks for all gun sales by licensed gun dealers, it does not require background checks for guns sold by unlicensed sellers, like non-dealers who sell guns online or at gun shows. 
  • The “Charleston loophole” allows gun dealers to sell guns without a background check, in cases where the FBI fails to complete background checks within three days. Under current law, when those background checks are not completed within three days, applicants are automatically cleared and allowed to buy guns
  • Creating a buffer between someone having a suicidal crisis and access to a gun can be the difference between life and death. Waiting period laws require gun buyers to wait until a certain period of time has passed before they are able to access a gun they have purchased.
  • No permits or registration are required to own a firearm in the state of Texas.
    Source: CashMyGuns
  • Texas does not require universal background checks on all gun purchases, including private sales and purchases at gun shows.
    Source: CashMyGuns
  • Texas has had eight mass shootings in the past 13 years, while lawmakers have steadily loosened restrictions on carrying firearms.
    Source: Texas Tribune

Common Sense Gun Laws that Texas Democrats Support

  • Raise the legal age for the purchase of assault weapons
  • Require universal background checks for all gun owners
  • Require all guns need to be registered, with a waiting period to purchase assault-style weapons.
  • All gun owners should be required to have a license and and to keep guns and ammunition in a locked safe place.

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