By the People, For the People



de·​moc·​ra·​cy | \di-ˈmä-krə-sē \
plural democracies

Definition of democracy 

1     a: government by the people especially : rule of the majority

b: a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections


2: a political unit that has a democratic government


capitalized : the principles and policies of the Democratic party in the U.S. from emancipation Republicanism to New Deal Democracy— C. M. Roberts


4: the common people especially when constituting the source of political authority


5: the absence of hereditary or arbitrary class distinctions or privileges


As we begin the year 2019, it is good for us to remember why we are here.

The United States was conceived as a democracy–a government created by the people, for the people. But it seems that many of our elected officials have forgotten that concept. Instead of governing by and for the people of the country, many of them seem to be governing instead by and for the corporations that fund them. This is in direct opposition to the fundamentals that this country was founded upon, and it needs to stop. Now.

But how do we stop it? By remembering that WE are the people that make up this democracy. It is OUR responsibility to contact our elected representatives and tell them what we want them to do.

Do you dislike the fact that our President is holding our government hostage so that he can build a wall on our southern border? Are you appalled at the treatment of migrants, minorities, and visitors to our country by our President and elected representatives? Do you resent the fact that the only people who seem to be gaining from tax reform and energy policy are wealthy corporations? Then it is YOUR responsibility, as a citizen of this nation, to do something about it.

Write to your representatives. Call them. Email them. Call them out on social media and do your part to hold them accountable. Most importantly, GET OUT THE VOTE. The 2020 elections are fewer than 24 months away, and now is the time for us to prepare. It’s up to us.

Contact Your Representatives

Here are some resources for how to contact your elected representatives:

Learn how to get in touch with your federal, state, and local elected leaders.

Text the word congress to Resistbot on Messenger, Twitter, Telegram, or to 50409 on SMS* and the bot will find out who represents you in Congress, and deliver your message to your two Senators and representative in under 2 minutes. No downloads or apps required.

Texas Tribune’s Elected Officials Directory
The Texas Tribune has gathered the bios, contact information and more for the occupants of the state’s highest offices in our Elected Officials Directory. You can learn about the districts they represent, who’s serving on their staff, where they sit in the House and Senate, and their financial disclosures.

Vote Texas
One-stop resource for voter information in Texas, powered by the Texas Secretary of State.

Get Out the Vote

And here are some ways you can get out the vote in 2020 to change the course of history for the better:

Rock the Vote
Help engage, register, and mobilize the largest and most diverse generation in American history.

Voter Registration
Register to vote and find voting and election resources.

Check Your Registration
Learn if you’re eligible to vote, how to register, check, or update your information. Find the deadline to register to vote in your state.

Ballotpedia is the digital encyclopedia of American politics and elections. Their goal is to inform people about politics by providing accurate and objective information about politics at all levels of government.


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