Energy Policies

Republican energy policies leave Texans in the dark. Our electric grid is unreliable, Texas environmental laws allow companies to pollute our air, water, and public land, and the Republicans’ refusal to act on climate change contributes to flooding, hurricanes, wildfires, and other natural disasters. 


Texas Democrats will STAND UP, SPEAK UP, AND SHOW UP FOR ALL TEXANS, and take action to ensure that the only time we are in the dark is when we are outside watching the stars. 

Energy policies affect everyone in the state of Texas. Extreme weather events caused by inaction on climate change disrupt supply chains, weaken our infrastructure, and affect our food and our water supply. Pollution caused by inadequate environmental regulations contributes to climate change, contaminates our drinking water, and has a poor effect on sales tax revenues that keep our property taxes lower. And an inadequate and unstable electric grid leaves us all in the dark. 

  • The unstable electric grid in Texas is not only inconvenient, it is costing tax payers millions of dollars. 
  • Extreme heat leads to wildfires and drought, which directly affect our food and water supplies. 
  • Extreme rainstorms and hurricanes cause devastating floods, destroying homes and lives and ruining our transportation infrastructure.
  • Investments in renewable energy produce jobs, help the environment, and diversify our energy resources, which lessens our dependence on the electric grid. 

Facts about Texas Energy Policies

  • Forcing aging, inadequate power lines to be online more often hasn’t fixed the problem, and has cost Texas electricity customers $1 billion in the first half of 2022. Source: KERA
  • The Federal Highway Administration is spending millions of dollars to repair bridges and roads damaged by more frequent and unpredictable damage from severe weather events. Source: Federal Highway Administration
  • Cotton production has been decimated by drought and extreme heat this year, costing Texas High Plains farmers and other agricultural industries at least $2 billion. Source: Texas Tribune
  • Clean energy employment now accounts for more than half of all energy sector jobs, according to a new report from the International Energy Agency. Source: World Economic Forum

Laws and Initiatives that Texas Democrats Support

  • Fixing the Texas electric grid.
  • Strengthening environmental laws and incentivizing oil and gas companies to produce more efficiently and with less pollution and waste. 
  • Supporting renewable energy initiatives, including wind and solar.
  • Supporting public transportation initiatives, including mass transit.
  • Taking action on climate change and supporting policies and laws that reduce emissions and pollution. 

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