Guest Speaker Series

Lynn is a true believer in the power and impact of volunteering. While committing her time as an avid volunteer in her church, she also helps educate New Braunfels residents about diversity and equity topics as a member of the steering committee for the NB IDEA FORUM. As a board member for, Lynn helps launch the City’s annual day of volunteering each October known as “Big Serve.”  

In 2020, during the national protests and the aftermath that followed George Floyd’s murder including the countless murders of other young black lives wrongfully taken, Lynn was deeply moved to action to help normalize conversations around race. She created a Facebook page “Awkward Conversations on Race” where people could ask difficult questions about race in a safe space with no judgment. The personal testimonies and comments led to meaningful and engaging conversations, further validating the need to shed light by creating honest dialogue around the subject. 

“The (Facebook) page is mainly informational, but it is also deeply reflective,” says McCord. “The goal is to be a non-partisan, non-political space to speak frankly about race, and educate readers on inequities that truly do exist solely on the basis of race… I hope to not only make these conversations ok, but to also keep the conversation going where non persons of color are not in the room in hopes that allies are made to advocate behind closed doors and continue to show up for those in need in open door spaces.” From recent headlines of bills being passed to suppress diversity, equity, and inclusion programs at the state and national level, Lynn recognizes this topic is being manufactured as controversial in certain circles. That pushback hasn’t stopped her commitment to educate the New Braunfels community to become better humans. Through her faith, she continues to believe that “loving others will always pay tremendous dividends.”

In addition to Lynn’s vast community involvement, she’s had a career in the insurance industry working in the public sector. For nearly two decades, Lynn’s focus has been underwriting public entities including counties, municipalities, schools, tribal nations, and various other governmental agencies. She has one middle school-aged daughter, who she enjoys watching take the stage as a theatre and dance performer. Lynn loves to travel and visit new places and experience new cultures, often finding an opportunity to engage in healthy, but yes, difficult conversations.